Address: 55 East 10th St. (at Broadway)
Zipcode: 10003

NYU Says: "Our beautiful and historic building has some fantastic amenities, including the Rhodes Room, a large lounge and performance space; the Game Room, furnished with a host of recreational activities; the Penthouse Study Lounge, equipped with comfy chairs and couches for study groups, desks for individual study, and wireless Internet; piano and dance rooms; and a darkroom for photography enthusiasts."

  • 5 minute walk to Washington Square.
  • Two blocks from the 8th St. & Broadway station for the N & R lines. Three blocks from the Astor Place station for the 6 line. Four blocks from Union Square subway station for L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, & 6 lines.

General Opinion: Amazing location; 5-10 minute (easy) walk to campus. Everything you need is right around you, even though the street is quiet due to it being all residential housing and antique stores. The street is beautiful with lots of trees and planters.

Nearby Dining: Everything! Between Union Square, Broadway, and St. Mark's Pl. alone, you would never ever go hungry.

Delivery Options: Whatever you want, just make sure to be in the lobby when the delivery guy comes, or else the security guards get bitchy.

Supermarkets: D'Agostino and Gristedes around the corner, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Food Emporium a few blocks up at Union Square

Pharmacies/Convenient Stores: Duane Reade (24-hour) two blocks down on B'way, two "bodega"-type places within one block, Space Market a few blocks down. Another deli is right around the corner on Broadway.

Miscelleneous: Chase Bank directly across 10th Street on the corner of Broadway. Blockbuster across the street and down one block.

Building Information

Dining: No dining facilities inside. Rubin and Weinstein are the closest dining halls, then Third North and Palladium.

Laundry: $1.00 per load. Machines now take only Campus Cash, so make sure to have some loaded. One station runs the machines with red letters/numbers, the other runs the machines with black letters/numbers. The stations will tell you which machines are currently available.

Facilities: Study lounge, TV lounge, music practice room with piano, game room, dance room, and dark room [currently not working].

Brittany Ghost: The Brittany ghost tends to mostly stay on the higher floors, but does venture all over the building. It apparently feels very strongly one way or the other about The Buddha. Statues of the Buddha have fallen off shelves inexplicably all over Brittany.

Room Information

  • 28 double rooms for 2 persons.
  • 34 triple rooms for 3 persons.
  • 3 quad suites with 2 bedrooms and 2 persons per room.
  • 78 quint suites with 2 persons in the smaller bedroom and 3 in the larger.
  • 12 single rooms, in 2 room suites for RAs and PEs.
  • one OUT OF CONTROL 7-person suite on the 16th floor - Rumored to be the largest room in the entire NYU housing system.

Bath: Full bathroom with tub/shower in each suite.


  • Long (80 inch) twin beds, desk, dresser, and wastebasket for each resident. Armoirs in some quint suites and in some triples.
  • Windows have blinds.
  • Carpeted floors in student rooms and suites.

Telephone and internet are standard NYU fare (one internet connection for each person, and one cable connection for each bedroom).

Room Size: All rooms are big, some more than others. Not a single room needs the beds to be bunked. High ceilings. Some rooms maintain original pre-war details. Room size varies.

Floor Plan:
Brittany Floor Plan

08N, 08S and 07E are on Broadway while 02W to 07W are on 10th Street.

Breakdown of All Rooms/Suites

All views in Brittany are excellent, except those in -01 rooms on lower floors, and those in lower -00 Rooms. -02 through -07 have views of 10th street with 02 being the farthest from Broadway and 07 being on the corner of 10th and Broadway. 07E rooms are the only corner rooms with windows on 10th St. and Broadway. 08 looks over Broadway and the church across the street. 07 and 08 rooms get the "joy" of hearing the churchbells ring on the hour ever hour between about 8 and 5, some half hours, and at random intervals throughout the day, sometimes lasting half an hour. All windows unless otherwise stated are across from the doorway leading directly into the room.

"The Huge Closet" are the very large walk in closets that some rooms have. They are about 4 feet wide and around 9 feet long. Cabinets-turned shelves run across the long wall and most rooms have the railing beneath them. Some unlucky rooms have the railing across the short back wall. These railing will not hold hanging bars. These closets have served as closets for between 1 and 3 people comfortably, kitchens, and mini-living rooms, or any combination of.

All doors in Brittany are too thick for standard "over-the-door" anything unless they are adjustable or made for older, thicker doors.

Rooms on the 16th floor may vary from description.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
00 Suites - 2 people
RA and PE singles

The entryway opens onto a slightly wider than usual hallway. Halfway up there are doors on each side. Left is the bathroom, right is a bedroom (I'm unsure of the technical number). The room is long and skinny and kind of bends in the middle. I do believe there is a closet in the northeast corner.

After these doors, the hallway kinda bends to the left a little. The door at the end leads to the other bedroom. Unsure of any other details about this suite.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
00 Rooms - 3 people

HUGE ROOM. Three large closets. Room itself is a weird shape, but plenty of room.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
01 Rooms - 5 people
Walk-Through Suite

See pictures below. The suite has the same basic layout as the 08s, only they have a hallway entrance and I'm unsure of exact closet locations.

    • --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
02 Rooms - 5 people

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
03A Rooms-2 people This is a large narrow room, entrance has two closets on either side of the front door, they are approximately 3 feet long ( they stretch back to the entrance door inside the walls) with a shelf above a hanging bar. The double up hanging bars didn't work on the bar, though I cannot remember why... It was large enough for me to stash my extra chair in it along with all of my clothes suitcase, extra towels, etc., There is also room to put hooks on the inside of the door for coats, etc., Proceeding down the hall there is a bathroom on the left, you need one of those over the toilet holders for extra towels cosmetics, etc., as there is no storage, on the right is a narrow built in bookcase, where you cans store extra supplies books, etc., The the room opens up to the left. The living area is really quite large, though in order to share the one large window the beds need to be against the walls lengthwise so that there is about 3' between the beds as a corridor. One of the roommates placed her desk against the wall bed/dresser/ desk and one desk perpendicular,/ bed parallel/dresser parallel creating a study nook right as the room opens from the entrance hall. The IKEA risers worked great on the beds and are the cheapest out there. There are a shortage of electrical outlets so bring power strips, extra long twin dust ruffles hide tons of stuff under the beds, ebay for the best color selection, just cut the corners vertically to fit over the permanently attached springs. The high ceilings make this room feel much larger . Fabric bins from Ikea ( larger than the ones at Target etc.,) in order to store extra linens, etc.,fit under the bed along with everything else . The window doesn't open all the way and I wish I had known to get a humidifer earlier it made the air so much better,

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
03E Rooms - 3 people (May be listed as -30)
Most likely the largest low cost rooms in freshman dorms, if not all 21 residence halls. Located directly across from the elevators. Entry door opens up on a hallway. On the immediate right is The Huge Closet. Beyond the closet, also on the right, is the bathroom. This bathroom may or may not have a floor raised 3 inches above the room floor. In raised cases, the door opens out and into the hallway. On the left, across from the bathroom door, is a built-in shelf.

End of the hallway is another open doorway followed by the bedroom. The room is about 15ft by 17ft. Northwest corner of the room (entry hallway is at the northeast corner) is another smaller closet. All three beds can be unbunked very comfortably in this room with space to spare.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
04 Rooms - 3 people
Regular triple. Huge room. Includes a linen closet, a regular closet, and a walk in closet which many convert into a mini kitchen or a small sitting room.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
04A Rooms - 2 people (May be listed as -40A)

The entry door opens to a hallway. Immediately to the left is the bathroom. Beyond the bathroom, also on the left, is The Huge Closet. At the end of the hallway is another doorway. Some rooms still have the doors in them, others do not. The room is quite large, about 12ft by 17ft.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
05 Suites - 5 people

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
06 Suites - 5 people

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
07 Suites - 5 people
Walk-Through Suite

07 rooms have a unique entry. It's a mini-foyer and a hallway. The door is not center on the hallway inside the room so a little foyer juts out of it to accomodate the door. This foyer is large enough to put the armoir here without a problem. Up the hallway is the doorway to the triple (07W). Just before this door way, The Huge Closet is on the left, built-in shelves on the right. 07 rooms have the rail in The Huge Closet across the short wall.

07W has one window that is directly across from the entryway. None of the beds have to be bunked, but due to all the doors in this room, it can be difficult to arrange furniture without really thinking about it. The room is about 18 by 18 feet.

After entering the 07W room, turn 90 degrees to your left. In the corner you are looking at is a small walk-in closet. It has a railing that will accommodate a hanging bar and standard over the bar shelves. Putting your back against this closet, there is a walkway on your left about 4 feet in front of you. Walking into this walkway, there is a door to your left, to your right, and in front of you.

To your left is a walkin ex-linen closet. There are shelves on the back wall of this closet, plus standard closet shelves. A high than usual railing is in there too. Very short residents may have trouble using this railing. I had this closet to myself and had enough room to share and I had a lot of stuff in there. To the right is a HUGE bathroom. It's more spacious than most other bathrooms. There is a window in the shower/tub. 2nd and 3rd floor residents might find this a problem if they wish to open this window. Any higher up and there wont be a problem.

The door ahead of you leads to the double (07E). To the left is a closet, not walk in, but has more space than you'd think. The room is about 18 ft by 11ft. Three windows, two on the wall in front of you looking at Broadway, one on the wall to your right looking over 10th. Because Broadway and 10th do not meet at a 90 degree angle, the outside corner of 07E is not a 90 degree angle. It's about an 80 degree angle. Not a problem, I promise. It just makes the shape of the room a bit odd.

The 07E room is enormous - probably the biggest double I've seen in housing except for in Water. Be happy if you get it.

07 rooms are at the very end of the hallways, putting quite a bit of distance between you and the RA's room. The double is a great place to hold parties as when the double's door is closed the noise from the room is significantly reduced. As long as all the doors are closed, the double is virtually silent when heard from outside in the floor hallway. However, RAs are aware of these rooms, in particular the 16th floor suite, so be cautious.

Note: specific closet details are based on 507.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
08 Suites - 5 people
Walk-Through Suite**

The entry door opens up onto a foyer. Unlike other rooms, 08s do not have an interior hallway. The foyer is about a 4 foot square. On the left is The Huge Closet. On the right is the doorway to the triple (08N).

The room is about 16 by 18 feet. The northwest corner of the room is an obtuse angle due to 07E's acute angle corner. This angle is about 100 degrees and is hardly noticable. After enter the room and turning to your right, you will find the wall you are facing has an arch nook in the middle, large enough to put a desk in there, or whatever else you want. To the right of the arch is a walkway. In the corner to right along the samway as the original doorway is a closet.

In the walkway, you have three doors. On the right is a walk-in closet. In front of you is the bathroom. To the left is the double (08S). I do not know specific details about the double, but I know that this double is more square than the 07 double. It is also a nice size and two people will fit in there very comfortably. No idea on the closet situation in there.

Differences on the 16th Floor------------------------------------

To my knowledge, there are two main differences on the 2nd highest floor. One is that the 02W room is quite a bit smaller than most other 02 rooms. I don't think it's actually large enough to be reorganized, as there are 2 windows, a heater and a closet that won't move, so the beds are forced into the only position possible. I believe this is the smallest dorm room in the entire hall, though I may be mistaken.

This is vastly different from the suite at the end of the hall.

The 7 person suite, rumored to be the largest living quarters for freshman on campus, has three separate sleeping rooms, a bathroom, a hallway, and a mini room for congregating. The room is the highest room with a view of Broadway, and the view of the church is magnificent. There are 2 two person rooms, both very sizable, and a monstrous 3 person room with ceilings 15 feet high and enough space for a horseshoe pit. One lucky person in the three person room gets their own alcove, technically an entirely spearate room because of the wall, and they have both privacy and social time if necessary.


501 (quint suite)
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